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Manual Cutting Machine

The CUTLAM®1.1 is a bench-mounted cutting machine for a wide range of applications. Robust and easy to use, with a deported motor design, this machine has a very large cutting capacity. It allows you to equip your laboratory with a simple,versatile and reasonably-priced machine made from high quality components.

This machine offers a spacious cutting table, made of treated anti corrosive cast iron. It is also easy to handle with a fully opening cover and remote motor. The 4 perpendicular grooves enable you to clamp components of thicknesses up to 120 mm.The CUTLAM®1.1 can be equipped with Ø 250 to 305 mm cut-off wheels.

Fitted with a speed adjuster and a powerful 3.8 Kw motorparticularly adapted to Ø 305 mm wheels, the CUTLAM®1.1 is perfect for intensive use.


Automatic and programmable cutting machine with 2 or 3 motorised axes*, equipped with a 300 mm Ø cut-off wheel.

The CUTLAM®3.1 is the ultimate development of LAM PLAN and is the most advanced automatic Ø 300 mm cut-off machine in its market sector.