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Model 90

Model 90 CA Edition Goniometer

Model 90 CA Edition Goniometer is an entry-level tool optimized for contact angle measurement. Model 90 CA Edition includes DROPimage CA as well as our German-made SuperSpeed U3 Series digital camera with 1920 x 1080 resolution, LED backlight (Fiber Optic Illuminator Upgrade available), leveling specimen stage, and highly modular and flexible optical bench.


Manual Cutting Machine

The CUTLAM®1.1 is a bench-mounted cutting machine for a wide range of applications. Robust and easy to use, with a deported motor design, this machine has a very large cutting capacity. It allows you to equip your laboratory with a simple,versatile and reasonably-priced machine made from high quality components.

This machine offers a spacious cutting table, made of treated anti corrosive cast iron. It is also easy to handle with a fully opening cover and remote motor. The 4 perpendicular grooves enable you to clamp components of thicknesses up to 120 mm.The CUTLAM®1.1 can be equipped with Ø 250 to 305 mm cut-off wheels.

Fitted with a speed adjuster and a powerful 3.8 Kw motor particularly adapted to Ø 305 mm wheels, the CUTLAM®1.1 is perfect for intensive use.


Individual pressure semi-automatic polishing machine.

With the SMARTLAM®3.0, LAM PLAN proposes an economic solution in terms of automatic pre-polishing and polishing of metallographic samples.

The SMARTLAM®3.0 is equipped with a new specific motorised head, composed with a 3 cells sample-holder and an individual pneumatic pressure system.


Easy-to-use, productive, automatic hot mounting press.

The PRESSLAM®1.1 is a multi-purpose, easy-to-use, automatic hot mounting press that will allow you to achieve high production levels. All parameters are accessible via a 5.7” colour touch screen. The graphic interface guides you intuitively through the different settings, which you can then store and reuse at will. It is also possible to transfer predefined hot mounting parameters via the machine’s USB port. All phases are visible on the screen during the hot mounting cycle and can be modified at anytime.


720P megapixel Ultra HD camera.

RV40 is equipped with a 3.5 inch daylight display and 1,000,000 pixels super HD camera. Real-time reflection of static images and dynamic video of the inspected object.

Labcut 5000®

The Extec Labcut® 5000 Series

A completely new and upgraded design is your solution to accurate and repeatable tests specimen.Highly accurate composite tests specimens go directly from the Extec Labcut® 5000 Series to test.