Diamond Knives

Ultramicrotomy, cryo, histology and materials applications

  1. Perfectly smooth sections from 0.1µm to 5µm.
  2. Hydrophilic diamond surface draws water to the edge for easy sectioning.
  3. Flawless, jewel quality diamond crystal, in sizes from 1 to 6mm (larger than 6mm are not available at this time).
  4. Maximum sectioning stability is assured by molecular welding between diamond and stainless steel shank.
  5. Highly inert and strong bonding material is unharmed by solvents.
  6. Eight different boat styles and seven types for all ultramicrotomy, cryo, histology and materials applications.

Quality Control / Guarantee

Passing through 25 quality control tests and 10 tests to reach flawless quality, you expect perfect sections free of striations and compression. Guarantee: You must be totally satisfied with the knife’s performance.

Smooth, Precise Cuts

Actual magnified photo of a ribbon being cut from a specimen block using one of our fine diamond knives. Notice the smoothness.

Carefully Selected Materials

The diamond knives are produced from carefully selected jewel quality octahedral diamonds. Each crystal is cleaved along its natural lattice into several thin plates which are microscopically screened.

Precision Workmanship

Each plate is welded onto a steel shank and following that is a high precision series of processes to lap and polish the diamond into what is unquestionably the sharpest cutting tool made. The radius of the diamond knife edge is about 50 Ångstroms (5nm) or 30 carbon atoms and the entire length of its edge must be defect free to the same dimensions. Ultimately an exhaustive final sectioning test is performed through the entire length of the edge. Only if it is flawless is it approved for shipment and packed and sealed in its wood case.