Neo Linear Slicer

The further evolution of vibrating blade tissue slicers. New slicers for the world!

In 1980, we developed the first vibrating blade tissue slicer “MicroSlicer®” in Japan that overwhelmed the performance of “Vibratome”, the de facto standard at the time.

In 2001, we developed “LinearSlicer®” first in the world improving the method of lateral vibration
from DC motor drive to linear motor drive. By suppressing irregular vertical vibration which
deteriorates performance to 2 micrometers or less (at maximum vibration), we succeeded to
decrease chattering as much as possible, its performance far surpasses those of other companies’ products.

And in 2014, a new product “Neo LinearSlicer®” was born. The design of the chassis was redesigned, and a vibration damping base was built-in. Body was changed from plastic to steel plate, eliminating defective vibrations caused by resonance as much as possible. With these, we provide the performance producing much thinner sections of live tissues.

The operation system was redesigned the panel design while leaving the historical simple and clear feeling of the MicroSlicer series. The automatic model modernized the control program and improved usability. The blade holder was detachable, and both the blade holder and deep type ice tray are sterilizable.

The new slicer of the world, Neo LinearSlicer®, was born.
Standard model: Neo LinearSlicer MT®, with manual thickness operation.
High-end model: Neo LinearSlicer AT®, makes sections automatically by key operation.